BTL-195 Typeface

Typography Design Self-initiated


A passion project that started while I was still in school: to design and produce a typeface of my own.

BTL-195 Pangram: Do quick brown foxes really jump over lazy dogs?


DIN and Bauhaus are two of the most well known typefaces for designers. DIN's clean geometric stems combined with Bauhaus' quirky bowls and finials makes the perfect inspiration of making a new geometric sans serif typeface. The name was derived from the abbreviation of the building's name and the computer number where most of the development of this typeface was spent.

BTL-195 features three weights: light, regular, and bold. Although designed to be utilized as display text, the font also offers OpenType features such as ligatures and old style figures.

BTL-195 ligature features
San Francisco text BTL-195 light in a yellow background
BTL-195 bold
BTL-195 numbers in oldstyle figures and lining figures
Though unsual for geometric typefaces, BTL-195 featured numerical glyphs in both lining and oldstyle figures
BTL-195 weights: light, regular, and bold
BTL-195 implied lines seen on its ascenders and descenders
BTL-195 sharp angled spur characteristic