EYE Frame

Print & Visual Design JINS x Wesley Chan


JINS has collaborated with Wesley Chan, a well-known icon amongst young Asian-American community and one of the co-founders of Wong Fu Productions, to create and design a unique rendition of JINS SWITCH (magnetic clip-on sunglasses) based on his personal design thinking.

EYEFRAME features a metal frame with a magnetic clip on sunglasses plate. The collection comes with 2 plates, 2 styles of cases, and a branded cleaning cloth


Collaborate, design, and produce supporting materials to market and showcase EYE Frame, Wesley Chan's limited JINS eyewear design. Visual merchandising design is needed to properly display the product in stores. A landing page design is need to show product online. Packaging materials is also needed to bring the same experience post-purchase.

EYE Frame display fixture
EYE Frame Visual Merchandise Design will be featured to stores as shown


Taking key directions and collaborating with Wes in the process showed his passion with the creation of his EYE Frame. He appreciated rawness and had minimalist approach to his design. Techwear was also one of his key inspirations. Knowing his style and approach with design, we've focused our efforts to reflect his vision in all forms media (In-store Experience, Online Landing Page, EYE Frame Launch Event, Social Media & Email Marketing).

EYE Frame launch party venue in Downtown Los Angeles, CA
EYE Frame's process documentation showcased at party
EYE Frame display fixture under dramatic lighting
Digital draft outline of the EYE Frame fixture design
Working closely with Wesley Chan, I drafted the product fixture that follows the store display requirements
JINS EYE Frame product landing page
JINS EYE Frame email marketing
JINS EYE Frame large scape poster as seen from Union Square San Francisco, CA
EYE Frame featured poster at JINS Union Square store


Creative Direction & Art Direction:
Wesley Chan

Marketing & Product Direction:
Ryosuke Kimura @JINS US, Kathleen Murillo @JINS US

Print & Visual Design:
Michael Javier @JINS US

EYE Frame packaging features a custom sticker label and break-off seal