Fatlace Fridays

Illustration, Graphic Design ILLEST, Fatlace


Design posters for ILLEST / Fatlace release parties. These series of posters were highly sought after by collectors as they were released with special collaboration projects by ILLEST / Fatlace and other notable brands (Electronic Arts' Need For Speed, Hot Wheels, and more).

Fatlace Friday: Need For Speed RWB Edition


In each of ILLEST / Fatlace's events, there is always a showcase car. I decided to create a series of car illustration to advertise the events. Solid colors are chosen from the motif of each unique collection. These set of printed posters became novelty items for our customers to collect.

Fatlace Friday: Garage Welt e30 M3 Edition
Fatlace Friday: Mooneyes Edition


Poster Designs:
Michael Javier @ILLEST

Michael Javier @ILLEST, Garage Welt E30 M3 (red poster)

Fatlace Event Photos:
Michael Javier @ILLEST, Danny Chris Monico @ILLEST

Fatlace Friday: Hot Wheels VW Bus Edition