Voltron Juijitsu Capsule

Creative Direction ILLEST x DreamWorks


Conceptualize and design a line up of products that best represent the Illest Brand in collaboration with DreamWorks' Voltron: Legendary Defender. It will be shown as a part of a collective that will be released in NYC Comic-Con. Various images and vector graphics are provided by DreamWorks for use.

New York Comic Con graphic teaser showing Voltron Defender silhouette


It was a bold move to create a line of products specific to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ). But seeing our customers' interest in active lifestyle grow up after the first BJJ product was released, we saw this project as a selling point to even broaden our market.

I took elements of the Voltron logo to make one for Illest to marry both Illest and DreamWorks' Voltron. This was used as the key branding icon for this collaboration. Using DreamWorks' given library of images as inspiration and asset for design elements, I was able to create a few unique icons seen as patches on the BJJ Gis, rash guards, and shorts. The colors used on these products are inspired by the colors of the lions that complete Voltron.

ILLEST Voltron Juijitsu Collection featuring BJJ Gis, rash guards, and sparring shorts
ILLEST Voltron Juijitsu Gi dye-sublimated graphic
ILLEST Voltron Juijitsu Gi embroidered patches on the chest and shoulder
ILLEST Voltron Juijitsu Gi pants belt detail and embroidered patch
ILLEST Voltron rash guard in red
ILLEST Voltron rash guard in yellow
ILLEST Voltron shorts featuring ILLEST logo printed graphics on the side leg


Creative Direction:
Michael Javier @Illest

Illustration Assets:

ILLEST Voltron Comic Con teaser image